The Night in Question


Since joining forces to investigate Brooke Donovan’s death, Iris and Alice have formed an unlikely friendship. Although Alice’s former friends, the Mains, might look down on Iris and her gang, Alice knows their worth. What’s more, both girls realise how much the other respects her, and understands her circumstances, whether it be The Thing, or absent parents.

Therefore, when they attend the school’s Sadie Hawkins dance at Castle Cove, they watch out for each other. In fact, they join forces to separate Helen Park and Rebecca Kennedy when a fight breaks out. What’s more, when Alice discovers Park brandishing a weapon above Kennedy’s body, Iris is the first person she calls. It seems the Agathas have a new case. After all, although their first investigation revealed results different from those they surmised, they outwitted the incompetent Detective Thompson. It seems he hasn’t forgotten or forgiven them, and is determined to stop their progress, here.

Then too, so is Iris’s mother, who thinks Alice is a bad influence. Meanwhile, Alice’s parents have returned and have belatedly begun to monitor her behaviour. However, as the case heats up, with secrets from the past, and Castle Cove families, being revealed, it seems that The Night In Question is only the beginning for the would-be detectives….

Bookwagon is delighted to reunite with Iris and Alice. The Night in Question is a really satisfying, clever and brilliantly characterful crime novel that we recommend to our older, teen readers.

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The Night in Question

An Agathas Mystery

Kathleen Glasgo & Liz Lawson

(Rock the Boat)

Alice remains haunted by the loss of her former best friend Brooke. Not only did her investigation of this murder, with Iris, turn over many secrets, but it also wrecked her relationship with the Mains. However, she and Iris are now a unit, despite Iris’s mother’s concern. What’s more, it seems that this unit will be back on task after events at the Sadie Hawkins dance at Castle Cove’s Levy Castle.
The castle was once the home of old Hollywood royalty, where film star Mona Moody met her unfortunate ending. Her life fascinates Alice, so she decides to tour the castle, only to come upon a grisly crime. Could Helen Park have tried to murder Rebecca Kennedy? Although there was a fight at the dance, and Park’s been found holding a weapon, Alice and Iris are convinced she’s innocent. However, their investigation reveals the truth of past crimes, alongside a series of family secrets. What’s more, it puts Alice and Iris in the path of incompetent Detective Thompson, and deadly danger.
Bookwagon is delighted to return to The Agathas. This unlikely duo are rich with their shared devotion to the works of Agatha Christie, while understanding each other’s  family circumstances and fears. Bookwagon loves the empathy of this storytelling, with rich character building alongside pacy, attentive drama too. We recommend The Night in Question to all teen crime readers. While this is a follow- up to The Agathas, there is enough within this title alone to fulfil any reader. The Night in Question is a really satisfying whodunnit!


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