The Night Train


Charles checks the tickets of the passengers aboard The Night Train, all heading to ‘Sleepy Town Platform ZZZ‘. Each is charged with making dreams come true. There’s the yeti, an ever present passenger seeking adventure for Lily, Henri, the ballet dancer who will perform in front of the Queen, and Princess May, shaking off the traditions of a rescuing prince to meet Ruby’s family at Dragon’s Island.

However, there’s a late passenger, a ‘huge and furry monster’ who terrifies the other passengers, alongside Alex, his dreamer. What can he do to make others see he’s ‘only a dream’ and ‘a friendly monster? Might taking balloons, Alex’s favourite, help his cause?

Although each of the passengers has its own purpose, it seems they must work together if they’re to reach their destination. Neither the driver nor conductor can leave the train, but something must be done when there’s a tree across the tracks. It’s important that all the passengers arrive on time. Will they arrive at a plan? Can they reach their destination?

Matilda Woods and Penny Neville-Lee create an enchanting story ideal for reading alone or together, safe in winter warmth, about dreams and team work. What’s more, The Night Train is one of the splendid Little Tiger colourfiction series, developed for newer, less confident readers. Bookwagon loves and recommends this beautiful book.

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The Night Train

Matilda Woods and Penny Neville- Lee

(Little Tiger)– hardback

The yeti is aboard The Night Train. So, too, is Henri. Although his dreamer Jack created him as a footballer, he is a ballet dancer now. Furthermore, tonight he will perform before the Queen! Therefore he is eager to pass up his ticket for Charles’ inspection.
Meanwhile Princess May is looking forward to this dream for she’s escaped the boredom of a rescuing prince, to travel to ‘the Dragon Isles to meet Ruby’s family’. 
However, the monster troubles them all, including his dreamer. He says ‘Sometimes it feels like I’ve scared everyone in the world’. Therefore, on this dream journey, he’s carrying balloons, in hope that they will ‘stop Alex being scared’ for ‘Alex loves balloons’.
Although it seems as though these passengers are separate dream creations, when disaster strikes, they must work together. However it seems one or two are reluctant, caring only about the destination. Can they be encouraged to come up with a plan that will enable each dream to come true?
Like The Hat Full of Secrets, this title is one of Little Tiger’s colourfiction series, ideal for newer chapter book readers. What’s more,  it is written by the acclaimed Matilda Woods. Then again, this is a quality production, in hardback with beautiful pages and luscious, inviting illustrations from Penny Neville- Lee. Altogether, Bookwagon loves The Night Train. Furthermore, we recommend this title as an ideal selection for less confident readers, seeking a story that satisfies and delights.



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