The Nose, Toes and Tummy Book


What are our fingers for? It seems they ‘wiggle’ but ‘then they… TICKLE!’ However, that’s not all, for the fingers are attached to hands that can ‘lift you up in the air‘!

Sally Nicholls and Gosia Herba offer a riot of action and discovery through The Nose, Toes and Tummy Book. It feels as though we’re touring our bodies, interacting with very young readers. What’s more, the interaction builds tactile experiences too that offer laughter and great fun! For example, we play peekaboo. ‘This is my face. Where’ my face gone?’/ There it is!

What’s more, what of toes? Maybe you can smell one foot, and then the other,. What about ‘stinky toes‘? Or could it be that there’s a ‘sweet foot‘ with ‘jellybean toes‘?

Bookwagon loves The Nose, Toes and Tummy Book. What’s more, we recommend this as a perfect selection for a very new reader, as a perfect gift to experience, share, love and know well.

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The Nose, Toes and Tummy Book

Sally Nicholls & Gosia Herba

(Andersen Press)

Is it possible that we all know Mem Fox’s classic Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. However what of The Nose, Toes and Tummy Book? It seems that Sally Nicholls has created a new classic for babies and very young readers with this title! Therefore we begin with pressing noses. (What happens to yours?) It feels as though adult and child are each recognising the similarity in their features. Then, we turn to ears, into which secrets are whispered, maybe. We can shout with our mouths but  we can also ‘kiss-kiss-kiss‘ cheeky cheeks!
Alongside a text that is ripe for acting upon and sharing, we’ve Gosia Herba’s graphic like, black outlined, action- packed illustrations. There’s a sense of pop art in the shape, form and colours here.
We’re invited to play peekaboo with our faces, however, our tummies are for tasty tickling, it appears! Then again, what about being lifted up and down by hands? What’s more, these hands come with fingers that are perfect for tickling!
Bookwagon delights in the possibilities and joy of this glorious picture book! The Nose, Toes and Tummy Book is wonderful and demands to be shared, loved, known well and gifted too.


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