The Nowhere Emporium


Daniel Holmes is not supposed to be able to remember his first visit to The Nowhere Emporium. He discovers it accidentally when trying to escape Spud and his gang. Yet the magpies and the shower of rubies captivate him and draw him back. Thereafter, he’s offered a place to study with Mr Silver, learning through his Book of Wonders and the ever changing rooms within the Emporium. What has he stepped into?

As Daniel learns, so we trace the Emporium’s history back to Mr Silver’s childhood, and his early years with Vindictus Sharpe. Is it possible that the learner might be greater than the teacher? Could it be that what Silver creates through the Book of Wonders might threaten Vindictus Sharpe that an endless quest to find Mr Silver begins on the day that Silver leaves him? What might their falling out be over? Thereafter, how far will Sharpe go to destroy Silver? What might he be prepared to sacrifice? Finally, how will this impact upon Daniel and a life in The Nowhere Emporium?

Ross MacKenzie’s tale of Tardis- like magic and wonder is a glitter storm of possibilities. Bookwagon loves this opening title to a dazzling trilogy and recommends it highly to our readers.

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The Nowhere Emporium

Ross MacKenzie


Daniel Holmes runs into The Nowhere Emporium accidentally, to escape Spud and his gang. Yet there’s something about this bizarre setting, its curious owner and Daniel, that seem to fit. Could it be that Daniel has found a home after the death of his parents? Thereafter, what is the story of the enigmatic Mr Silver and his daughter Ellie? What is it with Mr Silver’s Book of Wonders within which Daniel is forbidden to write except under Mr Silver’s watchful eye? Then what of the secrets and mysteries that seem to fall open and closed like stacks of playing cards, revealing wishes, dreams, possibilities and magic?
As we discover with Daniel, so we learn about the origins of the Emporium. Thereafter we realise the threat to Mr Silver, Ellie and Daniel, posed by Mr Silver’s beginnings with the man with the ‘cold, icy blue eyes’. What does this man seek from Mr Silver and how far is he prepared to go? Furthermore, how far has he gone already? It seems the cards will be in Daniel’s hands. Is he able and prepared to steer The Nowhere Emporium out of oblivion and enable its survival?
It seems that Ross MacKenzie’s debut story is packed full of ruby-sharp imagination and wonder. Therefore, its instant success in the Scottish Children’s’ Book Award and Blue Peter Award, is understandable. Bookwagon loves Ross MacKenzie’s Evernight and is delighted to discover The Nowhere Emporium. We look forward to sharing the other titles in this trilogy.


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