The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’s Christmas Shenanigans


Clara and Fritz don’t expect the drama that arrives with Herr Drosselmeyer’s magic show. While they doubt the toys’ performances, the fact that one of them, Walter, The Nutcracker, is alive, is astounding! Then again, when he explains how he’d hoped that appearing with the toy magic show might allow him a safe space, it seems understandable. Unfortunately, Walter’s hopes are foiled, for as Clara and Fritz learn how the Sugar Plum Fairy’s entrusted him with the key to the Kingdom of Sweets, the Mouse King, up to Christmas Shenanigans, appears. What’s more, in the battle for the key, something peculiar happens to Fritz.

Suddenly, not only is it a race against time to repair the damage to Fritz, but then to save Christmas. If the Mouse King, the Great Gorgonzola, has the key, it means no sweets at Christmas. It means that Father Christmas’s reindeer will not be fuelled by Rocket Drops for their Christmas Eve dash across the world. The Mouse King will have ruined Christmas!

Can Walter, Clara and Fritz, Brenda the chicken, Humphrey the squirrel, Anastasia, the Winter Witch, Princess Ricotta and Queen Victoria Sponge…  avert a catastrophe (and more whiskers than is good for Fritz?)

Bookwagon recommends The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’s Christmas Shenanigans for reading over the Yuletide season, gifting, cherishing and building your own tradition upon. It is a mighty, mousi-cal and magnificent book to share and love.

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The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’s Christmas Shenanigans

Alex T. Smith

(Pan Macmillan)

Clara and Fritz are curious about the magic show performed by Herr Drosselmeyer at their home on Christmas Eve. Then again, when Clara investigates afterwards, she’s startled by what she discovers! It seems one of the toys in the presentation, The Nutcracker, Walter, is in fact, real! What’s more, he’s in trouble, for he’s been charged with keeping the key to the Kingdom of Sweets safe for the Sugar Plum Fairy. It seems that this is because of the Mouse King’s Christmas Shenanigans. However, before Walter has explained the problem, not only are Clara and Fritz miniaturised, but there’s a ‘MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!‘ It seems the Great Gorgonzola is upon them and the key is in his possession! Then again, what has this fracas meant for Fritz?
It seems without the key, there can be no Santa Claus and reindeer across the sky! How can presents be delivered upon a magical sleigh ride without Rocket Drops, especially for the reindeer, locked within the Kingdom of Sweets. What are Gorgonzola’s plans? Then again, why does he intend this chaos? What is his purpose? Can he be foiled? It’s a race against time, menace, mice and mice features!
Alex T. Smith has cornered the market in magical Christmas storytelling. Just think of How Winston Delivered Christmas: A Festive Adventure for starters! Not only is the storytelling witty, funny and so outrageous- a chicken carriage called Brenda who’s afraid of marmalade?- but then there is such charm. Then again, the illustrations are truly descriptive and alive! Bookwagon loves and recommends The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’s Christmas Shenanigans. In fact, we suggest this is a superb story to read across the season. After all it’s arranged in 24 1/2 chapters, so it’s perfect for reading aloud!


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