The Odd Egg


What will emerge from Duck’s egg? After all he’s not laid an egg, but found one. What’s more, the other birds consider it a very odd egg. However, Duck’s proud and is prepared to wait.

Thereafter, as the other eggs creak and crack open, Duck waits. He waits and waits and waits. He sees the new arrivals through the layered pages rush to their parents and thereafter begin to form a family. They’re conventional and expected. However, what’s inside The Odd Egg.

The CREAK CREAK is urgent when Duck’s egg eventually hatches. It seems that all the birds are gathered, curious and fascinated. However, what baby will emerge?

Bookwagon loves the drama, the dense anticipation, the wonderful language and the clear white spaces within the pages. Most of all we are captivated by the big reveal…. What’s more, we suggest that every young reader will be enraptured. In fact we suggest that The Odd Egg will be a book that’s destined to be read again and again, known well, loved and cherished. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome The Odd Egg aboard.

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The Odd Egg

Emily Gravett

(Pan Macmillan)

It seems all the birds have laid their eggs, ‘except for Duck’. In fact he arrives with something he’s found, something he considers ‘the most beautiful- in the world‘. However the other birds don’t feel the same way and decide that Duck’s is The Odd Egg. They mock and laugh.
Then again, they’re busy before long, as the ‘creaks‘ and ‘cracks’ indicate the arrival of their new chicks. We watch the layered pages and await each new arrival with anticipation… There are tweets and cheeps and twit twos and ‘pretty boys’. However what about Duck’s awaited baby? It seems Duck’s  ‘waited… and waited… and waited…  for ages. In fact we seem him knitting, patiently. Meanwhile, the other birds are content with their families and are resting, paying little attention. Might they miss the moment?
Bookwagon is delighted to include the classic The Odd Egg by Emily Gravett aboard. Alongside her beloved works such as Blue Chameleon or Wolf Won’t Bite!, this title is essential fare for all very young readers.
Not only are the wide spaced pictures and page shapings inspired, but then we’ve the drama and huge anticipation. What might we discover when it’s CREAK CREAK and time for Duck’s egg to crack?


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