The One and Only Ivan


Ivan, a lone gorilla, was kept and shown by a Washington State shopping mall for twenty-seven years. From this horrifying fact, Katherine Applegate builds the story of that gorilla, ‘The One and Only Ivan‘. This is a story of friendship, loyalty, memory, and ultimately, courage. ‘The One and Only Ivan‘ is riveting. I could not put the story down. I sought more titles from Katherine Applegate, once finished and alighted on  Crenshaw.

The One and Only Ivan‘ is a gentle, inspiring and powerful book. Ivan is a character, and story, that stays with you.

The One and Only Ivan movie


The One and Only Ivan

Katherine Applegate

(Harper Collins)

A lone gorilla incarcerated in a Washington Mall is ‘The One and Only Ivan‘. When a young elephant, Stella joins him, Ivan begins to remember.  These memories trigger a determination to save Stella from sharing his existence. ‘The One and Only Ivan‘ is a magnificent story, deserving of its awards and acclaim.

Winner of the Newbery Medal


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