The Only Way is Badger


Badger sets the standard. ‘The Only Way is Badger’. First the animals need to dig. Dig, dig, dig, dig. What happens if your hooves don’t allow you to dig? It’s expulsion time! Goodbye Deer! Burrowing? Well that’s a problem for Bear and Moose. After all, doesn’t everyone want to ‘be more badger’? Black and white is the only way!

There’s a Barnett and Klassen feel to this witty, wry picture book. Badger is a dictator, while his forest friends are nonplussed and intimidated. What do you do if you’re not black and white? What do you do if you are, but don’t like the rules?

This title is rich with inference and thoughtful considerations. ‘The Only Way is Badger’ is a satisfying, ‘forever’ picture book that we recommend highly for home and school.


The Only Way is Badger

Stella J Jones and Carmen Saldaña

(Little Tiger)

Be More Badger! Dig holes like badger! Live in burrows! Bark like a badger! However, what happens if you fail the test when ‘The Only Way is Badger’. Is there really NO other way? Furthermore, do you want to be more badger- really? It’s a black and white perfection, isn’t it?


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