The Paper Bag Princess


When a dragon torches Princess Elizabeth’s home and belongings and carries off her intended, Prince Ronald, the Princess is forced to take action, Carefully, she works to outwit the wily dragon and rescue Ronald.

This classic story of ‘The Paper Bag Princess‘ is bold, strong and empowering. It’s also very funny, with a ripe twist in the story that leaves new readers delighted, and those who return to the book, as they do, contemplative and endorsed.

The Paper Bag Princess‘ has been an acclaimed and deserved favourite with readers for forty years, and its power and range show no signs of decline. The story is as fresh and enjoyable today, as it was in 1980. We love this title and recommend it without hesitation to all readers, aged from four years.

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The Paper Bag Princess

Robert Munsch, illustrated by Michael Martchenko

(Annick Press)

The Paper Bag Princess‘ overturned classic fairytales on its head. In the nearly 40 years since its first publication, it has become one of the most important stories written for children.  Our heroine is ready to wreak a little havoc, when she’s forced to rescue Ronald and outwit a wily dragon……  ‘The Paper Bag Princess‘ is recommended to all readers, aged from 4 years.


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