The Paper-Flower Tree



Miss Moon draws derision from her fellow villagers when she plants a black seed, bought from the old man she saw passing along the city road to the city carrying a bunch of beautiful paper-flower tree on a bamboo stick. ‘Miss Moon, you can’t possibly grow a tree from a bead.’

Miss Moon remembers the paper-flower tree twinkling in the sun and has faith that the little black bead on a string will bloom. She plants it deep in the earth and watches and waits as the rice fields are planted, transplanted and gathered. Days and months pass, until…

This is a gentle, special, timeless book. Jacqueline Ayer’s beautiful illustrations give the setting a reality and Miss Moon’s patient faith authenticity.

We recommend ‘The Paper- Flower Tree‘ to all readers, from the young to adult. It is an ideal gift book; definitely a  title to treasure, like a paper-flower tree.

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A Tale from Thailand

The Paper- Flower Tree

Jacqueline Ayer

(Enchanted Lion Books)

Miss Moon watches the ebb and flow of travellers along the road that skirts the rice fields. When she sees an old man carrying a bamboo stick from which hang paper flowers, she is entranced! A coin buys her a seed to grow her own paper flower……
The Paper-Flower Tree‘, was written in 1959 by designer and illustrator Jacqueline Ayer, who collected stories from her childhood in Bangkok Jacqueline Ayer inspiration and life


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