The Paper & Hearts Society


Tabby thought she’d left Jess behind when she moved from Cheltenham. Yet Jess tracks her still, with photographs and messages, on Instagram and WhatsApp. All the time she’s making sure that Tabby knows how much fun she is having without her. Tabby wears the scars from Jess’s ‘friendship’ too closely. Therefore, what is she to do when the book group she stumbles into by accident, becomes a real, close friendship group. Somehow, Tabby doesn’t feel as though she’s important enough to belong to The Paper & Hearts Society. Olivia, Ed, Cassie and Henry are all too special, warm, encouraging and open to want include Tabby, surely?

Thereafter, what happens when they discover what Tabby is REALLY like? Or the version of her that Jess has made her believe?

The Paper & Hearts Society reminds us to believe in ourselves whatever and whoever we are. It does this through empathising with Tabby and her friends, while demonstrating their differences and community. It is a gentle, warm and loving title that we recommend to our teen readers. Find your people, find your book!


The Paper & Hearts Society

Lucy Powrie


How hard can it be to fit into a new place? Tabby isn’t counting on making friends. Then she finds an invitation to join The Paper & Hearts Society within a library copy of The Bell Jar at her new library. It’s her favourite book, so it must be a sign, mustn’t it? However, Tabby doesn’t really trust her instincts. She’s on guard. After all Jess has told her that nobody could possibly want her as a friend, and Tabby has come to believe her. Furthermore, it seems that Jess is still in her life, shadowing her, even though Tabby left her behind when she moved. So, how can Tabby move onto new friends? What’s more these new friends love books like she does. Furthermore, they like her and want her company. They seem to want to know more about her. Can Tabby let go and join them on a reading journey? Will Jess let her go or will her friends discover the real Tabby, the one she feels inside?
It’s hard to negotiate your feelings and your being at any point, yet friendships and moving make it even more difficult. For readers who love titles like In the Key of Code and Only Love Can Break Your Heart, The Paper & Hearts Society is a sincere, encouraging and honest novel of friendship and finding and believing in your path.


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