The Parker Inheritance


Candice is living in her late grandmother’s house in Lambert, with her mother. Their Atlanta home is being renovated for sale. Candice’s parents are separating. Candice is working to reconcile this alongside the absence of her dearly loved grandmother.

When she discovers a box addressed to her, she is intrigued. Her grandmother instilled a love of puzzles in her. An enigmatic note directs Candice to- ‘Find the path. Solve the puzzle.’ A letter in the box, addressed to her grandmother holds the key to ‘The Parker Inheritance.’ 

As Candice begins the trail, she is joined by Brandon from across the street. He is facing his own pressures and uncertainty. Together, Candice and Brandon painstakingly uncover the the town’s hidden history, with past injustices, feuds, a long-lasting revenge, and actions on a tennis court that affected families for generations.

‘The Parker Inheritance‘ is rich in character and history. It makes us think about contemporary issues and approaches. It is a superb narrative, with Candice and Brandon’s puzzle-solving serving as an allegory for the problems we face as individuals and as a society. This is intelligent, inspired, emotionally intelligent story writing.


The Parker Inheritance

Varian Johnson


When Candice opens a box addressed to her, she begins to unravel a link to the past. A note from her grandmother instructs her to- ‘Find the path. Solve the puzzle.’ A letter addressed to her grandmother begins Candice’s puzzle. Candice and new neighbour, Brandon, unpick the letter word by number, person by date. What history will they reveal? Can they uncover ‘The Parker Inheritance’?



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