The Pawed Piper


The Pawed Piper is all that’s longed for, just a cat to cuddle. First on the trail to lure a cat, are the soft cushions, bowls of milk and balls of ribbons and wool. Gran’s suggestions of catnip and cardboard boxes are based on her experience of living with Hector. Will any of this work, or will it be a case of learning to live without a cat?

What if you awaken to a house full of cats? What if Hector’s led multitudes of cats to your house so that they’re on every ledge and in every space, including your sock drawer? Furthermore, it seems as though these cats may have come from homes and need to be returned! Surely there must be one cat, even a kitten, that might be able to stay?

Michelle Robinson has created such a gentle, heartwarming picture book that’s sure to be loved by anyone who’s longed for a pet. Thereafter, the story unfolds carefully through Chinlun Lee’s empathetic, warm, hopeful pen and ink pictures. The Pawed Piper is a delight! Bookwagon recommends this picture book to bedtime readers and animal lovers.

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The Pawed Piper

Michelle Robinson, illustrated by Chinlun Lee

(Walker Books)

Although ‘I wanted a cat to cuddle‘ and had ‘laid a trail‘ and taken tips from Gran about Hector, still The Pawed Piper had not arrived. Could catnip, cardboard boxes, ‘soft cushions’, ‘balls of wool and ribbon‘ entice a cat? What would it take? Maybe hugging a book about cats as you fall asleep would have to be enough?
Yet, what if you awakened to Hector and a bevy of other cats? Warm, furry, soft, purry and cuddly friends… more and more cats! It could be a problem if these were somebody else’s cats! It could seem as though you had to return them all, ‘ALL THE CATS’, ‘even Hector’. Thereafter, would they all leave? It would be so hard to give them all up when all you’d wanted was ‘a cat to cuddle.
Chinlun Lee’s watercolour gentle pictures are rich with activity and anticipation, with the unfolding story amplified through the variety of perspectives and frames. We love Michelle Robinson’s picture books, such as Tooth Fairy in Training, for their imagination, humour and keen originality. The Pawed Piper is such a delightful picture book, one to savour, chuckle over and love.


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