The Pear Affair


Nell has never quite understood why her parents do not like her. However she’s felt compensated by the fact that once she had Perrine, ‘Pear’, in her life. Pear took time with her, loved her, told her stories about her beloved Paris before she left, dismissed when Nell was seven. Subsequently, Nell has been consoled by their letters until several months ago, when the correspondence ceased. What happened?

When Nell learns that her parents are leaving for a business trip to Paris, she is quick to join them. While they are not bothered by her company, Nell is able to begin her search for Pear using all the knowledge she has stored from Pear’s tales of Paris, and the maps that Nell has studied so assiduously. However the search does not go well and is made more difficult when her parents make a hasty, surprising exit from Paris. Suddenly, Nell is left to use her wit and observation, and depend on the relationships she builds with a young hotel bellboy, Xavier, and his friends. They have built a secret life beneath the Parisian city in the tunnels that were built over six hundred years ago. Here they are able to support each other and their families, and begin to investigate The Thing, a strange virus that threatens the bakeries and patisseries of Paris.

Yet, what of Nell? What of Pear? Finally, what of the business of Nell’s parents? The Pear Affair is a story about the wonder of Paris, alongside a gripping mystery and great story of friendship and loyalty. What more could you want- maybe ‘five squashed millefeuille’.?

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The Pear Affair

Judith Eagle

Illustrated by Kim Geyer


The Pear Affair begins for Nell the moment she joins her parents on their business trip to Paris. They wouldn’t mind if she was there or not, but Nell has been waiting for this moment for years. It seems like nothing has been the same since ‘Pear’, her nanny, Perrine, returned to Paris unexpectedly. Pear seemed to have been the only person in her life who ever cared for Nell. Her parents make no pretence of the fact that they do not want her about. Therefore when her parents depart their Parisian hotel without her, Nell is able to take up the search for Nell. However, this time the danger levels are amplified, for not only have her parents left without paying their bill, but there’s no sign anywhere of Pear. Her letters to Pear had stopped some months ago, and nobody seems to have any idea of her whereabouts.
Nell has memorised the Paris city map over years of mourning Pear. Little does she realise how useful this knowledge will prove as she hides from the hotel, and thereafter the strange women who seem to be searching for her. The hideout is not on the street however, but in the labyrinth of tunnels beneath the Parisian streets. Furthermore, Pear is not alone for she’s befriended by Xav and a host of children who plot and exist beneath the city. They have other matters on their minds than Nell, or the missing Pear. There’s a ‘Thing’ travelling through the Parisan bakeries and patisseries invading the cakes and pastries with mould. What is it? How could it have anything to do with Pear, Nell, or her Magnificent parents?
Following The Secret Starling Judith Eagle has created a new tale with fascinating characters, mystery and a tangible setting. The Pear Affair is ‘pain-tastique!’



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