The Pebble in My Pocket


‘The Pebble in My Pocket’ may seem inconspicuous and ordinary. Yet its existence is monumental. Meredith Hooper details its passage, through  volcanic origins, to plate tectonics, erosion, the development of our physical planet, to the emergence of life on earth. From dinosaurs to first humans, the pebble has been evolving, shifting, to become the structure it is now.

Chris Coady’s almost Turner-like pictures, boldly elaborate upon Meredith Hooper’s sequence of the passage of time. ‘The Pebble in My Pocket’ is accessible, interesting and thoroughly comprehendible. This is a splendid book of planetary history and geography. Bookwagon recommends this title highly.

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The Pebble in My Pocket

A History of Our Earth

Meredith Hooper and Chris Coady

(Frances Lincoln Books)

The Pebble in My Pocket’ may seem inconspicuous but it has endured a long and eventful history. Through molten lava to glacier formation, the age of dinosaurs to civilisation, we trace the evolution of ‘The Pebble in My Pocket’. 


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