The Perfect Guest


Walter is excited to be hosting Pansy. His home is nearly in tip-top fashion for her arrival. Pansy is so keen to help and participate, offering to sew Walter’s trousers, water his garden, set the table…. Pansy may be the most anticipated guest, but we’re not really sure if she is the perfect guest and neither is Walter!

‘The Perfect Guest’ is a wide-eyed, warm-hearted story of expectation and friendship. There are laughs and tummy butterflies to be had along the way as we empathise with either Walter or Pansy.



The Perfect Guest

Paula Metcalf


Walter prepares for a visit from Pansy meticulously, making sure that everything is perfect! Sometimes, though, the best laid plans of hosts, guests and teapots don’t quite go the way in which they’re expected. ‘The Perfect Guest‘ is a gripping, funny, warm and thoughtful book about friendship and expectations. 


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