The Perfect Picnic


From the Bothersome Brambles to the Sunny Meadow, we travel with Squirrel and Mole as they seek the perfect place to enjoy ‘The Perfect Picnic.‘ The best friends who love nothing more than spending time together have packed a feast- ‘No butter on the sandwiches, Mole!’

However, their efforts are in vain. It’s hot, shady, crowded, noisy. All the while Mole carries the perfect picnic through their search, unaware that its contents are being left behind…

‘The Perfect Picnic‘ is a thoroughly charming and winning book. Readers will love the friendship, the humour and the journey.

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The Perfect Picnic

Ciara Flood

(Templar Publishing)

It’s the perfect day for ‘The Perfect Picnic‘. Now the friends have to find the perfect spot- neither too shady, hot, crowded, nor high. Where could it be? Why is Mole’s picnic hamper becoming decidedly lighter and why can’t they find anywhere good enough to stop?


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