The Perfect Sofa


‘Hmmm,’ said Penguin. ‘Let’s go shopping!’ Penguin and Panda seek ‘The Perfect Sofa’. They decide to sit on the huge range of different sofas at the shop. Too small, too big! Too squishy or too colourful! What are Panda and Penguin to do? Their sofa is old, and Panda’ suggests they need a new one!

Fifi Kuo’s bold, descriptive crayon images in white space backgrounds, amplify the story. Her text is direct. Her font is used in illustratively too. She employs such clever picture book writing skills that will appeal to newer readers.

‘The Perfect Sofa’ is certain to be enjoyed by readers of all ages. I love the subtle character play between and by  the two main characters. ‘The Perfect Sofa‘ is a delightful ‘forever’ picture book.


The Perfect Sofa

Fifi Kuo

(Boxer Books)– hardback

Panda thinks the pink sofa he shares with Penguin is too old. It’s time to go shopping for ‘The Perfect Sofa‘. They choose a shop with lots of different sofas. Surely they’ll find just the right one? How hard can it be?


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