The Picture Atlas: An Incredible Journey


The Picture Atlas: An Incredible Journey is the sort of atlas/ travelogue book a reader would create, if they could. It is both factual but interesting.

Simon Holland and Jill Calder have collaborated to guide readers on a  rip-roaring journey around the world. This journey is packed full, with a huge variety of information. It includes physical geography and history, culture and nature, landmarks and topical interest. Jill Calder’s brilliant, but seemingly incidental illustrations, pop with movement and excitement, adding to the interest for the reader/ researcher. There is a real sense of wonder and exploration within this information laden title.

The Picture Atlas: An Incredible Journey‘ is an ideal title to read for pleasure and use as a reference point. We love it. We recommend it to all Bookwagon readers, their families and schools.

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The Picture Atlas: An Incredible Journey

Simon Holland, illustrated by Jill Calder

(Bloomsbury) – hardback

The Picture Atlas is a mesmerising title. It seems to soar beyond a geographical reference title and morph into a 21st Phileas Fogg travelogue!
Simon Holland offers a vast variety of incidental, historical, cultural and natural observations. Furthermore, these are supported by blasts of colourful illustrations from Jill Calder. There is real delight and awe in what is being presented. This captures the reader’s attention. It seems that we learn about people who shaped things, what they shaped and thereafter why things are the way they are.
Therefore, the information is more travelogue than ‘knowledge based’. For example, when we focus upon Australia, we have an opportunity to exclaim at the wonder of the Sydney Opera House and learn a little about its inspiration and construction. Thereafter, we watch the orca journey through to the North Pole!
The Picture Atlas is a superb book to read and enjoy. Like Atlas of Record Breaking Adventures this is an information book to read and treasure.


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