The Pinchers and the Dog Chase


Paul Eessman, the police officer who lives next door to the Pinchers, trusts Theo. He knows that unlike the rest of his family, Theo doesn’t lie. However, new police officer Clive is a different kettle of fish. It seems his eyes glint with steel behind his dark glasses. What’s more, he’s threatened to send Theo’s dog, Sherlock (or ‘Shuddup Sherlock’) to the North Pole! He’s demanding that all the dog owners in town prove ownership of their dogs by showing him their sales receipts!

However, Theo’s a Pincher. The rest of his family are Pinchers, thieves who lie and cross their fingers behind their backs when doing so! It means that, desperately, he and his mother and little sister (Crimin)Ellen visit his grandmother, Stola Pincher on prison visiting day. Is there any chance that she might have a receipt for Sherlock?

Bookwagon loves the grim humour, rich character play alongside the clever elongated illustrations. The Pinchers and the Dog Chase is a funny, clever story that we love and recommend!

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The Pinchers and the Dog Chase

Anders Sparring & Per Gustavsson, translated by Julia Marshall

(Gecko Press)

Sherlock, or ‘Shuddup Sherlock’, as he believes he’s called, was gifted to the family by Stola Pincher. Theo and Ellen join their mother to se their grandmother on prison visit day. After all, there’s a problem. Thereafter they explain how they need a receipt for Sherlock as proof they own him legally. It seems a new police officer is rounding dogs up all over town, demanding such evidence.
If you’re a Pincher, it’s most likely you’re a thief. Just think of The Diamond Heist. However, Theo’s not like his family. He can’t cross his fingers behind his back and lie. While his next-door neighbour, police officer, Paul Eessman trusts Theo, it seems the new police officer doesn’t. In fact he believes every Pincher is a thief without any exception! Furthermore, he threatens that unless Theo can return with a receipt for Sherlock, his dog’s another to be sent to the North Pole! How can Theo outwit the police officer without breaking the law? Then again, is Sherlock REALLY stolen?
Like Me and the Robbersons, The Pinchers and the Dog Chase, is a dour, Scandinavian comedy caper albeit with Per Gustavsson’s appealing Despicable Me-like illustrations. What’s more, the farcical story with such brilliantly drawn episodes encourages readers’ sleuthing and character reading. It’s almost as though we’re looking at the family and neighbourhood alongside Sherlock! We’re all rather puzzled and bemused!
Bookwagon is delighted to welcome The Pinchers and the Dog Chase aboard!


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