The Place for Me


‘The Place for Me’ contains twelve moving accounts, based directly on the experiences of the Windrush generation.  Each story is authentic and inspirational and brings into sharp focus the lives led by people who answered the British government’s call for help in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War.

Of course, many of the Windrush generation suffered appalling discrimination and prejudice in Britain, and still do today.  Their bravery and sacrifice however changed Britain for the better and continues to do so.

The book has been produced in partnership with Black Cultural Archives (BCA) to honour the Windrush generation and 50 pence from each book sale goes to the BCA.

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The Place for Me

Stories About the Windrush Generation

Multiple authors, fact files by K.N. Chimbiri, with a foreword by Dame Floella Benjamin

(Scholastic) – hardback 

‘The Place for Me’ contains twelve tales of sacrifice and bravery inspired by first-hand accounts of the Windrush generation. The stories have been written by multiple authors including K.N. Chimbiri and E.L. Norry. Moreover, the foreword has been penned by Dame Floella Benjamin – herself one of the Windrush generation.
Each of the stories bring into focus the experience of Black British people at the time. Many had answered the government’s call to come to Britain and help rebuild the country after the Second World War.  However, the welcome they sometimes received was not always what they expected.  Furthermore, faced with prejudice, resentment, and often violence, the Windrush generation was nonetheless still instrumental in rebuilding the railways, public transport and the NHS.  Moreover, they worked tirelessly to provide a better life for their own families.  They went on to change Britain forever, and for the better.
The stories are interspersed with fact files and photos which bring the era to life.  They enable a realisation that the stories happened to real people. However, the ongoing ‘Windrush Scandal’ has meant that many of the Windrush generation have found themselves threatened with deportation, despite living in the UK for many decades. Furthermore, only more recently have people in Britain begun to show some empathy for the resilience and dignity shown by the Windrush generation. These were people who often left their own families thousands of miles away to help a country that was largely unwelcoming and suspicious.
Further books about the Windrush generation on the Bookwagon website include Windrush Child and The Story of the Windrush.
The Museum of London web site has a fantastic archive of information about the Windrush generation.


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