The Plesiosaur’s Neck


Why might the plesiosaur’s neck have been so long?  It lived over 73 million years ago and, while not strictly a dinosaur, it had the longest neck of any creature.  About 5 times longer than a giraffe’s neck and even longer than the neck of a brontosaurus.

In this funny and very informative picture book palaeontologist Dr Adam S Smith and author Jonathan Emmett explore the reasons why.  They use witty puns and rhymes alongside known facts and speculation to discuss the theories.  Children that are into dinosaurs will love to come up with their own ideas and this lovely book is stimulating, scientific and funny all at the same time.

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The Plesiosaur’s Neck

Dr Adam S Smith and Jonathan Emmett, illustrated by Adam Larkum

(Uclan Publishing)

The Plesiosaur had a ridiculously long neck. Moreover, it had the longest neck of any creature that has ever lived – at over 12 metres long! In The Plesiosaur’s Neck we learn why that might have been so.  It was not actually a dinosaur, but a prehistoric lizard that lived in the seas at the same time as land-based dinosaurs.  It was estimated to be the size of a London bus, most of its size being its neck.  Why, however, did the plesiosaur have such a long neck?
In this funny and engaging picture book, palaeontologist Dr Adam Smith and author Jonathan Emmett rehearse some of the reasons why.  They use rhymes, puns and amusing sea creatures that comment on the theories.  Did the plesiosaur use its neck to catch its prey? Maybe it was used to get rid of body-surfing parasites.  Furthermore, scientists have speculated that the plesiosaur may have been able to generate a form of natural electricity, which it may have used to stun its prey.
The narrative is always very entertaining and the book features great illustrations by Adam Larkum that bring the prehistoric creature to life.
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Dr Adam Smith’s blog about the plesiosaur is really worth checking out here


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