The Poesy Ring


‘Moons passed many times overhead. And the stars fell from the sky.’ The poesy ring lies in a meadow near the sea beneath salt and sand flattened grass. It was abandoned angrily so many, years ago yet its inscription declares that ‘love never dies’.

This testimony to undying love, love through years, emptiness, difference, bad and good times, is lyrical, warm and romantic. Bob Graham’s tender words and time-saturated watercolour washed pictures empathise with the theme and message.

We recommend this beautiful book, ‘The Poesy Ring‘ to all readers, aged from 9  or 10 years old. It is timeless, ageless and perfect.

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The Poesy Ring

a love story

Bob Graham

(Walker Books)

Love never dies‘ reads the inscription in ‘The Poesy Ring’. In 1830, County Kerry on the West of Ireland, bitter words are spoken and the ring is abandoned. Although it lies for years, tumbled and worn by time and absence, love never dies. Readers watch and wait, knowing the story behind the ring. As with Bob Graham’s Vanilla Ice Cream or  How to Heal a Broken Wing, we have a bird’s eye view.
This picture book maker always goes the extra mile to reinforce a message of humanity and love; so it is with this beautiful book. Thereafter, we hope for a resolution, that the truth in the message is recaptured and acted upon. We are inspired and engaged. It seems like the soft colours and gentle inks have an emotional link to the story also. This is the work of a master picture book maker beloved by this bookseller.
It seems like the has a further hidden message, that we must hold close. Furthermore, the inscription supersedes our rash actions or errors. Let’s watch and wait and learn from ‘The Poesy Ring’.


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