The Poet’s Dog


Isolated by deep snowfall making their journey impossible, two children are discovered by Teddy, ‘The Poet’s Dog‘, who shepherds them to his home, once the poet’s house. There, they shelter, making food, keeping warm, waiting for the storm to pass, and talking and listening with each other. Like the poet, the children can converse with Teddy.

The spare text of meaning laden words is perfect. Every nuance, thought, revelation is vital to the history, situation and future of the poet’s dog.

I love Patricia MacLachlan’s classic title, ‘Sarah, Plain and Tall.’ ‘The Poet’s Dog‘ offers the reader more of her gentle, considered writing; the nostalgia, the warmth and humanity that she offers in her writing.


The Poet’s Dog

Patricia MacLachlan

(Pushkin Children’s)

Teddy, the dog, brings the children caught in the snowdrift back to his home, the poet’s home. Like the poet, they can speak with him. As they shelter together, the children and this poet’s dog learn more about each other, poetry and life. ‘The Poet’s Dog‘ is a perfect book, word perfect and meaning perfect, with gentle inference and meaningful themes.


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