The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club


On her birthday eve, Stella assails her father, Felix, anew, with her determination to become a member of The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club, to join him on his adventures to the Icelands. Tradition and Aunt Agatha forbid it, but neither get in Stella’s way- nor Felix’s.

We are catapulted headlong into a wondrous ice landscape of giant yetis, magical goose eggs, frostbite, wolf shadows, bloodsucking red octopi, fairies….. and truths and temptation for Stella.

This is a rip-roaring, sherbet- dab, sparkling adventure story, that demands to become a favourite of readers who long for a great, classic, imaginative series. Alex Bell has conjured a superb cast of characters and settings that will delight, rather like ice lollies or Christmas wishes. We recommend The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club highly!

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The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club

Alex Bell, illustrated by Tomislav Tomic

(Faber & Faber)

Stella is determined to join her father Felix on an expedition to the Icelands as a member of The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club. However, Stella has battles ahead in order to fulfil her wish, and seeming ambition. It seems that everyone from Aunt Agatha, tradition, defensive shipmates, Frosties to magic mirror are working against Stella. Yet Stella has more than daring steeling her to defy them, for she needs to know who she is. Could it be that her story lies out there, in the Icelands? Furthermore, might it be that during a defiant expedition she might find not only something about herself, but thereafter, friends such as she’d never dreamed? However, this is all at enormous cost and with huge, unknown dangers ahead…
The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club a meaty and sparkling adventure story. Moreover, it introduces a splendid series, with Explorers on Black Ice Bridge and Explorers on Witch Mountain to follow. We suggest this mighty title will enrapture keen middle grade readers. Furthermore, we can’t wait for the adventure to continue. Step aboard, for the route is treacherous!

Who knew moustache oil could be so useful on an expedition? 


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