The Princess and the (Greedy) Pea


What if there was a pea who was so desperately hungry that he ‘swallowed a sprout’? What’s that about? Thereafter, that he might slurp down some soup, before munching on bread? What’s more, it seems that he’d need pie and cake and pickle and cheese to follow. Wouldn’t he need some tea after all that food?

However what if all that eating might make him want even more? That he might be inspired to eat a table? What a disaster! Might it mean that he’d be exhausted? In need of a snooze? That when he made it up to bed, there’d be NO way that any Princess would be unaware of him? Wouldn’t he be so swollen by food that…

Bookwagon loves the exaggeration, rhyme, wild imagination and daft humour of The Princess and the (Greedy) Pea. It seems that Leigh Hodgkinson has turned a traditional tale on its head, interjecting it with a refrain- There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly– with which we are very familiar. However here, there’s just huge anticipation. What next? Then how will it be shown?

Bookwagon recommends The Princess and the (Greedy) Pea highly for reading aloud, laughing over, reading back, parodying and sharing. What a fantastic picture book!

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The Princess and the (Greedy) Pea

Leigh Hodgkinson

(Walker Books)

What if a pea’s hunger might compel him to ‘swallow a sprout‘ before slurping some soup?  Could it mean that he ‘slurped the soup to go with the sprout‘ before munching the bread? Then again, might he choose to ‘wolf- down the pie’? It’s ‘no lie‘ that he ‘wolfed down that pie’. That it’s to ‘go with the bread- to go with the soup- to go with the sprout‘.
It seems that Leigh Hodgkinson has taken a familiar traditional tale and turned it on its head. Thereafter, not only does it follow the refrain of There Was a Young Zombie Who Swallowed a Worm, itself a parody, but we look at a fairy tale anew. Therefore, what will the princess’s take be of this gorging legume?
Thereafter by the time this pea’s chomped down a table and tea and cheese and pickle, cake, pie, bread, soup and sprout, we  arrive at a scene of horror. Not only is the pea’s tummy wiggling, trickling and tickling, but he’s in need of a snooze! It seems all that noshing has increased the pea’s size so as to make it gigantic! There’s no way the princess’s going to miss this on her bed! So, what might be the outcome?
The Princess and the (Greedy) Pea is hilarious, inventive and wildly disconcerting. In fact Bookwagon suggests that this picture book is a fascinating title to share, look over, revise and become familiar with. Then again, we also consider that The Princess and the (Greedy) Pea is a splendid choice to parody in turn. What a clever, satisfying and beautifully created picture book!


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