The Princess in Black Takes a Holiday


‘The Princess in Black Takes a Holiday‘ to somewhere that she can sleep! Despite Princess Sneezewort’s interruptions, Princess Magnolia is determined to rest. When an alarm calls, she wonders about just lying there, hoping the monster will go away. Yet this is no monster on Duff’s goat pasture, but a great sea monster, seeking people to eat! What can ‘The Princess in Black‘ do?

Shannon & Dean Hale’s ‘Princess in Black‘ series is recommended highly to newer readers! Princess Magnolia is an accessible heroine with skin that sunburns easily and a fear of second-floor windows. Yet when the monster alarm calls, she is always prepared, whatever the situation! I love the development of Duff’s alter ego, and the incidental nut monster. There is such fun, interest and delight to be had from this series. ‘The Princess in Black Takes a Holiday‘ is a proud addition to this series.


The Princess in Black Takes a Holiday

Shannon & Dean Hale, illustrated by LeUyen Pham

(Walker Books)

‘The Princess in Black Takes a Holiday‘ eventually, but will she have the break she needs? The Princess has battled monsters fourteen times this week! Surely there can’t be another monster alarm sounding from Duff’s goat pasture? The seaside will be a much more restful environment, won’t it?


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