The Problem with Problems


The Problem with Problems is that they are knotty, complex and seemingly everywhere, from socks to queues. So how do we handle them? They grow, set traps and seem determined to make trouble in our lives.

Could it be that we might take another look at them? Maybe try to see them from a different point of view? Possibly even walk away from them or even work to untangle others? They might need a bit of gentle handling or to be ‘put in the shade’.

With expert rhyming text that seems to cover every potential problem pulsation, Rachel Rooney empathises with our human circumstance. Her proactive text is shown in warm, inviting illustrations by Zehra Hicks.

The Problem with Problems is a positive resource but a friendly, humane reading book also, that Bookwagon is proud to recommend.

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The Problem with Problems

Rachel Rooney Zehra Hicks

(Andersen Press)– hardback

The Problem with Problems is that they come in all sizes, are sticky, tough or knotty and different. Therefore, what can we do about them? After all, ‘they like to set traps‘ and they make everything unsettled and unhappy. Furthermore, they seem to be everywhere you go from playground to toy boxes! Might it be that you need to take a good look at your problem? See it from a ‘new point of view’? Maybe you could make it give up on you, or even let it ‘wilt’. Whatever you do, try not to take problems to heart.
Poet Rachel Rooney of A Kid in My Class writes such a proactive, rhyming text, supported by Zehra Hicks’ bright, positive, colour empathetic pictures.
The Problem with Problems is a title to be shared, recited, realised and put into action as much as possible. Bookwagon is delighted to recommend this title.


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