The Rainmaker Danced


The Rainmaker Danced‘ challenges our planet’s history and progress. John Agard inspires us to think, e.g., ‘… why should Butterfly Bush/ be losing sleep over butterflies?’/ ‘Because these days they rarely visit me/ I feel like an abandoned granny./ And what’s all this about endangered species?

Progress‘ includes more obvious considerations- ‘It takes time/ to sling a stone…’ or works such as ‘Among The Hairyboos And Smoothyboos‘:- ‘Strangely their language had no word for hate,’

The Rainmaker Danced‘ offers opportunity to read, think, share and talk. It is the work of a truly gifted wordsmith. This collection is wise, wearied but inspired.


The Rainmaker Danced

John Agard, illustrations by Satoshi Kitamura

(Hodder Children’s Books)

John Agard offers a strong selection of poems with ‘The Rainmaker Danced. It includes contemplations on science, development, life and death, and our planet. ‘The Rainmaker Danced‘ is poetry to be read, reread, shared and remembered. We love it.


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