The Raven Riddle


It seems Tom is determined to prove himself worthy of the responsibility of being a Griffin Gate warden. After all, this is a post only ever held by members of the Griffin family. However, since Grace and robot raven Watson discovered him on Eeley Island, Tom’s been given a chance with the family.

However all his training and preparation seem rather pointless if he and Grace are only ever going to attend blue alert calls. What’s more, these seem to be to investigate ravens bothering local villagers in the Moreland mountains. What is the reason for this? The locals claim it’s something to do with a witch, but what might Grace and Tom discover when they put their heads together and observe carefully? Will all their equipment and skills prove necessary?

Bookwagon loves the Griffin family series. We are delighted to welcome The Raven Riddle, the third in this series, aboard. We recommend this series for readers growing in confidence and those who love opportunities to investigate and deduce. What’s more, it’s dyslexia friendly, too!

Available to purchase for March 3rd. 

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The Raven Riddle

Vashti Hardy

(Barrington Stoke)

Grace was delighted to encounter Tom, Eeley Island inventor of The Puffin Portal. Not only was he in need of a family like her own, but it was in need of Tom’s inventiveness. What’s more, Grace is excited to have a companion, other than Watson, on her blue alert calls through the Griffin map. However, it seems that despite Tom’s keen training and the pair’s skills, Mum is directing them to ‘small fry’ problems. It seems she does not consider them equipped to take on the more challenging investigations that she and Bren tackle.
However, it seems that Grace and Tom have hit The Raven Riddle. Within a quiet, mountain village of Moreland, local people have been harassed by ravens. What is the meaning of this pest? Then again, might these determined birds be protecting something precious? It seems the locals have stories of a witch…. We know that Grace and Tom are intrepid and curious. However how far will they go to get to the bottom of the story. Then again, what might they find?
Vashti Hardy offers a gripping third title in her Griffin Gate readers that has us guessing and predicting. What’s more, we’re impressed by Grace and Tom’s resourcefulness. Bookwagon is delighted to recommend The Raven Riddle to our readers.

This is a dyslexia friendly title. 



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