The Red Gloves and other stories


The Red Gloves and Other Stories comprises nine tantalising short but spooky tales, expertly written by Catherine Fisher. Many are based on, or have elements from Welsh legends and English folklore.

The stories are perfect for sharing as the evenings draw in and the curtains are drawn.  They are also just right for reading around Halloween time.  They won’t be easy to forget once heard.  Within this lovely book there is a tale of two brothers caught in the same dream and a tale that really does make one consider carefully the phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’.  Suitably, for a spooky, chilling collection there is a classic ghost story.

This is a super follow-up to Catherine’s excellent ‘Clockwork Crow’ trilogy.

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The Red Gloves and other stories

Catherine Fisher

(Firefly) – hardback

Following on from her excellent ‘Crow Trilogy’, Catherine Fisher delivers an super collection of spooky and unsettling tales.  Many of the short stories are based on Welsh myths and legends.  Many will also leave the reader wondering what happens next.
There are supernatural elements to some of the stories and dreams feature prominently.  In the first story, The Silver Road, two step-brothers share the same dream and seem to experience the dream when awake too.  In the title story, ‘The Red Gloves’, the said gloves seem to take on a life of their own.  Elsewhere in the stories, a mirror seems to reflect unearthly images; in a sports changing room, a girl literally changes places.  In ‘Sgilti Lightfoot’, a spider challenges a castle climber.
Despite the fantastical elements, the stories are grounded in reality and lead the reader down a speculative path.  Ms Fisher has developed these stories over many years and we are so grateful that they have now seen the light of day.
Readers wishing to discover the author’s earlier ‘Crow Trilogy’ can find them in the Bookwagon on-line store.  A good starting point would be the first in the trilogy, ‘The Clockwork Crow’.
Catherine Fisher talks about The Red Gloves and Other Stories:- Catherine Fisher author interview.



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