The Rema Chronicles: Realm of the Blue Mist


Philip promises Tabby that he will help her return to Earth with the help of a secret portal key. However to get hold of one, he will need to use the geist skills that mark him out as a threat to Rema. Tabby learns about this strange other land quickly, once she breaks through from Yggdrasil, the site of her late father’s laboratory.

It seems the fascination of Rema cost Tabby’s father his life. However the ghost that appears to Tabby suggests she has something more than her father, though warns her to take care. It’s certain that Rema is dangerous to Tabby, a curious Earthling. Then again, holding Philip’s secret, while worrying about the ghost and then about how to return to Earth, are major problems.

Amy Kim Kibuishi has created a thrilling, complex and fascinating fantasy graphic novel in Realm of the Blue Mist: The Rema Chronicles. Bookwagon loves her images, the layers of detail in the plot and then the possibilities of worlds and lives and the creation story of Rema too. Altogether, we suggest that Realm of the Blue Mist is a thoroughly engaging graphic novel for mature middle grade readers. We look forward to further instalments of this series!

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The Rema Chronicles: Realm of the Blue Mist

Amy Kim Kibuishi


Ever since her father died,Tabby has been drawn to Yggdrasiil, where her father’s laboratory once stood. It seems she can hear voices and sense presences in what remains of the site. However when a ghost appears, Tabby is determined to learn more about her father’s death. She’s certain that his experiments into eternal life have something to do with it. However, she does not expect to pass through the Realm of the Blue Mist into Rema.
What’s more it seems that in passing between worlds, she must play a role as cousin to Philip, who promises to help her return to Earth. However they must steal a portal key, and to do that, Philip must risk using his geist powers. Therefore, what happens if there are problems with the key? Thereafter what if they run into trouble with the priestess who seizes upon a geist interloper?
Amy Kim Kibuishi enters the world of graphic novels with aplomb, rather as Tammy crashes into Rema. It seems both are led by something fascinating. However, Tabby’s journey continues to confuse her. What’s more, when the ghost appears to her in Rema, she learns that this place drew her father in so strongly so as to cost his life. Therefore, what if Tabby cannot return? We know that she has secrets and must hold Philip’s secret too. What is the future for the two of them?
Bookwagon is entirely convinced by Realm of the Blue Mist. We love the out of world experience, the mythology of the worlds of Rema and Nonak. What’s more, the characters grow in fascination and individuality too. Like Another Kind, this title skirts between life and death, Earth and beyond. Bookwagon recommends this graphic novel highly


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