The Remarkable Inventions of Walter Mortinson


Hadorah Mortinson can hardly bear to think about Walter’s father, Max, although he’s in her heart constantly. Since he died, she has become a grey shell, only emerging to conduct her family mortuary business. However, Walter is just like his father, seeing possibility in everything, with his same magical, inventive fingers and mind. Therefore, Hadorah seeks to protect, silence and withdraw him into the grey world of Moormouth.

Therefore, when an invitation arrives from Flaster Isle inviting Walter to take on an apprenticeship, Hadorah hides it. However, its arrival coincides with a particularly dramatic incident at Cordelia’s grandfather’s funeral. It’s too much for Hadorah and too much for Walter, who created the incident. When he uncovers the invitation, he steals his mother’s hearse, captures a willing, if unfriendly Cordelia, and heads to Flaster Isle, to take up his father’s mantle and discover more about him, he thinks. What might be The Remarkable Inventions of Walter Mortinson?

First, he’ll have to negotiate the journey, through bearded babies, butterfly masses, underground mines, and Cordelia’s hostility. Thereafter, he’ll have his mother hot on his heels. Finally, there’s the matter of Flaster Isle. What is Dr Flasterborn’s reason for inviting Walter, really. Furthermore, why does Cordelia agree to join Walter?

The Remarkable Inventions of Walter Mortinson is an allegory. It considers loss, the loss of hope and opportunity and the bridge between childhood and adulthood. It is an empathetic, philosophical and heartfelt work, recommended to mature readers and thinkers.

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The Remarkable Inventions of Walter Mortinson

Quinn Sosna- Spear

(Simon & Schuster)

After Max Mortinson died, Moormouth became engulfed in grey and fog. However, The Remarkable Inventions of Walter Mortinson offer a sprig of hope. Although it’s possible that Alexander Grooblan and Ms Wartlebug might trample this down, Walter has his hollow place. Furthermore he has his late father’s gold-plated pocket knife, is neither ‘mannerly’, nor confined by hopelessness like the other Moormouthians. Therefore when he digs up invitation to become apprentice to Dr Flasterborn on Flaster Isle, Walter is quick to act. Alongside his desire to escape a life where gravity amounts to the rocks that drag you down with every step, there are the matters of his father’s inventions, his mother’s mortuary and thereafter Cordelia. However, there is the small problem of driving a hearse full of butterflies upon the journey ahead.
The story is reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz in its twists and turns, with peculiar stops along the way like Elverpool and Shrew’s Bottom. Furthermore, there’s what lies ahead, the reasons for Cordelia’s disagreeable presence, and the carriage chase of Walter’s mother, Hadorah. What will Walter discover? Is Flaster Isle an opportunity or a trap? Can Walter Mortinson ever hope to resurrect the glowing genius of Max?
The Remarkable Inventions of Walter Mortinson is a curious book. While it’s a fantasy story, in the vein of Tim Burton, there are elements of deep pathos and empathy, like Ocean Meets Sky. This book is not for the faint- hearted, but the dedicated reader, thoughtful and far-sighted, rather like Walter Mortinson himself.


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