The Rescue of Bunny Wunny


No matter how many brave little toys Imelda had Bunny Wunny was the one she always wanted the most.’ Bunny Wunny is exhausted. Imelda is the ‘cherry on the top of her Mummy and Daddy’s cherry pie. They love Imelda more than anything. Unfortunately, Imelda is neither lovable or lovely, nor does she really love Bunny Wunny.

Bunny Wunny needs to escape. How can he get away from Imelda’s attentions? Who will support him? Join Bunny Wunny and cheer him on in the wonderful, anarchic, Hillaire Belloc, ‘Cautionary Tales’ reminiscent  ‘The Rescue of Bunny Wunny’.

Emma Chichester Clark’s story is a tale for our times, an allegory of an over consuming society, of use, dispose, abuse. Yet, it’s also a very funny, wise picture book. Children are bound to love the depiction of Imelda. ‘The Rescue of Bunny Wunny‘ is a different, capable and winning picture book that Bookwagon recommends highly.


The Rescue of Bunny Wunny

Emma Chichester Clark

(Harper Collins Childrens’ Books)- hardback

Imelda has everything she ever wants. What she wants most is Bunny Wunny. She doesn’t really love Bunny Wunny. She wants him to be with her constantly, to pull, provoke and annoy. Who will come to ‘The Rescue of Bunny Wunny’? 


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