The Restless Girls


‘The Restless Girls’ are the twelve princesses of Kalia. They do not particularly enjoy being princesses. Each of the girls is different, with unique preferences, personalities and pursuits.

When their mother dies, their father, King Alberto is left to raise them alone. As a result of his ‘long line of squashing down history’ the princesses are denied their independence. Their world becomes silent. King Alberto claims that their seeming imprisonment is because of the dangers outside the castle walls.

While the ‘The Restless Girls‘ grieve their mother and loss of freedom, their father is crushed by his lack of a male heir. He will not overturn tradition, despite his daughters’ objections. In frustration he confines the twelve princesses to one room without any distraction or amusement. They are reduced to their imagination, and a curious picture at the end of the corridor…

Jessie Burton’s vision and message are urgent and strong. ‘The Restless Girls‘ is a glorious rallying call from Frida and her sisters! Angela Barrett’s rich, glistening pictures add resonance and wonder to a beautiful story. Bookwagon is proud to stock ‘The Restless Girls‘. We believe it will be a ‘forever’ reading choice for many readers.

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The Restless Girls

Jessie Burton, illustrated by Angela Barrett

(Bloomsbury)- hardback

Acclaimed novelist Jessie Burton reinterprets ‘The Twelve Dancing Princesses’ as ‘The Restless Girls‘. Angela Barrett enhances her story, with timeless pictures. What will happen to the twelve princesses of Kalia? Their fates are in the hands of King Alberto. What does he know of girls? Somehow, his feelings are tied up with his thoughts of their mother? Will he permit them the freedom they need? Will they have the same opportunities, hopes and aspirations? The same experiences?
The Restless Girls‘ is a bold and beautiful cry for choice and independence. Like A Most Improper Magick this title sings with recklessness, daring and possibility. It is a chant that the sisters must hear and make heard to realise their full, fulfilled selves.


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