The Rhythm of the Rain


Isaac empties the jar of water he has collected while playing in his favourite mountain pool. He watches the rhythm of the rain, feeling the first drops on his cheek. The journey of his water, from jar to river to ocean to mist begins to unfold. We take the journey, from port to whale, squid to desert, considering the uses, might, power of and need for water as we travel.

Grahame Baker- Smith has created a huge, aqua tone dense ‘water world’ picture book. The scale of the pictures, the painstaking precision of text and the diversity of scene is impactful and awesome. ‘The Rhythm of the Rain’ is a triumphant and mighty picture book. We recommend it to all homes and families as a ‘forever’ title.

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The Rhythm of the Rain

Grahame Baker-Smith


When Isaac feels the spots of rain on his cheek as he plays by the mountain pool. He watches the water stream from his little jar and contemplates it journey, from rain to river, ocean to steam to mountain…. Join an engrossing journey, through ‘The Rhythm of the Rain’


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