The Riddle of the Sea


Pirate Bank aboard The Night Raider is said to be cursed. The sailors in Nell’s pub, where Ravian washes glasses, tell stories about how Pirate Bank only moors at full moon at Deaf Diederick’s harbour. However Ravian is desperate. Not only is he prepared to steel himself to face the sea he fears, but he’s determined to find his father. It’s been a year since Ravian last saw Lasse, and he’s not returned for Ravian’s birthday, something he’s always done.

What’s more it seems Ravian’s father is calling to him, so that he’s drawn to stepping aboard The Night Raider. Too late, Ravian learns that it’s to do with the curse on Pirate Bank. Before long he’s joined the pirate, and Kars, whom he befriends, on a journey through the seas, with oysters, a turtle, a mysterious hold, decks to wash and then jellyfish…

However what of Lasse? Might Marvin, seagull, and Ravian’s best friend, help locate him? Is there any way that the bird can direct the boat toward Ravian’s father? How then might the trio aboard face the curse to rescue Lasse?

Netherlands’ writer, Jonne Kramer offers a bold, curious adventure in The Riddle of the Sea

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The Riddle of the Sea

Jonne Kramer, with illustrations by Karl James Mountford

(Piccadilly Press)

The sailors in Nell’s pub are wary of the story of Pirate Black and The Night Raider. After all, this pirate seems to have been cursed to stay aboard his ship forever! However something in the story inspires Ravian to face his fear of the ocean and seek out this vessel. It seems to be the only way that he can find his father, who’s not returned for a year.
However stepping aboard The Night Raider leads to sharing in the sea’s punishment of the pirate. What’s more, it offers Ravian a friendship beyond his seagull, Marvin. It seems Kars is also trapped aboard. Thereafter, the two clean the decks, shuck oysters and hide an injured turtle from hungry Pirate Black. However, all the time, Ravian wonders about the locked cabin, while constantly there’s The Riddle of the Sea calling, to him, Kars and the pirate. Most of all, there’s the desperate quest to find his father with his boat with the moss green sails…
Like Lampie, this story is a translation from the Netherlands. Furthermore, Jonne Kramer creates a similar mystery, setting and tone to that award-winning title. Bookwagon loves the curiosity and adventure, the hints of suspense and myth within this story. The Riddle of the Sea is a unique and stirring ocean adventure!


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