The Rise of Wolves


While walking home across the bleak moors of Nin, a remote Scottish island, Innis hears, or thinks he hears, the eerie howling of wolves.  Wolves have been extinct in Scotland for over 300 years! So, what could be behind this mystery?

Innis embarks on an investigation with his friend Kat,  protesting about the building of an enormous wind farm on the untouched wild environment that is the island of Nin.  Could there be some extraordinary connection with ‘The Rise of Wolves’, and possible clues related to Bonnie Prince Charlie?

Kerr Thomson has crafted a thrilling, enthralling story that blends to great effect an historical mystery, concerns for the environment and childhood friendship. We recommend ‘The Rise of Wolves‘ to keen readers, who relish well crafted, gripping adventure stories.


The Rise of Wolves

Kerr Thomson

(Chicken House)

Young Innis Munro hears the chilling howl of a wolf while walking home across the bleak wilderness of Nin, a remote island off Scotland.  Surely there are no wolves on the island? Were they not  hunted to extinction centuries ago? While investigating the intriguing possibility of wolves, Innis stumbles on even darker secrets and plunges into an extraordinary adventure.
Kerr Thomson has crafted an excellent, exciting adventure story that fuses friendship, history and environmental concerns to great effect.  ‘The Rise of Wolves‘ is highly recommended by Bookwagon.


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