The Riverbank Otter


Tom and Grumps make a surprise discovery on the riverbank at Willowbank Cottage that doesn’t thrill Tiger Days or her grandmother May Days, with whom she is staying. May Days is still settling into the cottage, while Tiger is concerned with checking through her nature list. She must determine whether ‘The Riverbank Otter‘ might be released in their neck of the woods.

Looking for sticklebacks, eels and kingfishers, while working to overcome her fear of water, Tiger Days is a resourceful, likeable character whom readers will appreciate.

We learn about the otter’s needs through the research she and Tom undertake. Thoughtfully, they encourage the otter that it may be rehabilitated into the wild, from fishing to holt creation.

The Riverbank Otter‘ is an endearing, respectful and thoroughly readable novel for younger middle grade readers. It is one of the hearty ‘Tiger Days‘ series that Bookwagon is proud to present. We really enjoyed reading ‘The Riverbank Otter‘ and recommend it to our readers.


The Riverbank Otter

A Tiger Days’ story- a little girl who loves to help animals

Sarah Lean

(Harper Collins)

Tiger Days’ visits to Willowgate Cottage, her grandmother’s country home, offer opportunities to explore. Neighbour Tom, cat Holly and a countryside of animals and nature fill Tiger’s days with wonder and investigation. This time, there’s ‘The Riverbank Otter‘ that needs to return to the wild…


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