The Road to Ever After


When Davy is discovered sweeping his angel pictures by Parson Fall, his time beneath the tight control of Brownvale is over. Brownvale is decaying.The empty movie theatre is juddering to a standstill, the library is closed, while the townspeople are pinched and wearied.

Mysterious Miss Flint offers him a route out, as her chauffeur to the white house by the sea, shown in her picture. There is some strange similarity in this action to an angel painting that fascinates Davy, yet in that,  his comparative picture is as a warrior. Davy does not consider himself a warrior.

From ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ to Renaissance Angels, ‘The Road to ever After’ has subtle and clever historical and cultural references. It is an emotional allegory. It is a spiritual story.

The Road to Ever After‘ is an exceptional book, poignant, hopeful and glorious. Moira Young has crafted something that is quite unlike other stories. This is special, a ‘forever’ story that makes the reader’s heart soar!


The Road to Ever After

Moira Young

(Pan Macmillan)

The Road Ever After’ might be suggested in orphan Davy’s angel pictures. It could be the one upon which he drives Miss Flint from Brownvale. From the moment he is discovered by Parson Fall, Davy is on the run, searching, leading and discovering himself as a warrior. ‘The Road Ever After’ is an exceptional story.


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