The Rollercoaster Case


Welcome to Puddliepool- on- Sea‘!  The shop at Podgy Bottom has set off to the seaside, but not without difficulty! New resident, Primrose Buckle, is a rapidly growing 6- year old daughter to a giant, who has not returned to collect her!

While Emily Vole, Fidget and Buster set about to find Primrose’s father, they meet further problems; a murder on the dance floor, returns of single fairy wings, an avaricious, shape-shifting seaside entrepreneur, and an hysterical magic lamp! ‘Lean on a limpet…. this looks bad!’

The third title  of ‘The Fairy Detective Agency’ keeps up the pace, interest and creative twists and turns that make this series such a super choice for readers who need books that really feed their engagement..

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The Rollercoaster Case

Wings & Co The Fairy Detective Agency

Sally Gardner , illustrated by David Roberts


‘The Rollercoaster Case’ is the third title of the rollicking reading ‘Wings & Co‘ Fairy Detective Agency riot, recommended for readers aged from 7 or 8 years of age.


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