The Royal Jewel Plot


The Royal Jewel Plot is the much-awaited sequel to A.M. Howell’s Peril on the Atlantic.  Following the revelation that Alice’s father has been bequeathed the luxury vessel The Lady Rose in her grandfather’s will, she and brother Sonny join the crew of the ship for its last voyage under its previous ownership.  The excitement escalates when it is learned that the mystery VIP passenger is none other than King Edward VIII, together with his American ‘friend’ Wallace Simpson.

Also on board is a hugely valuable and sought-after opal, protected in an aquarium by an octopus with a deadly bite.  When the jewel goes missing, everyone becomes a suspect – including the newly-crowned King.  Alice and Sonny learn that if the jewel is not recovered, its owner may demand The Lady Rose in compensation, thus endangering her family’s future.  The jewel must be found before the end of the ship’s voyage, so time is of the essence.

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The Royal Jewel Plot

Mysteries at Sea 2

A.M. Howell


In The Royal Jewel Plot, Alice and Sonny are still getting used to the knowledge that they are siblings, when they have to investigate a stolen jewel.  On board the luxury yacht the Lady Rose, recently inherited by their father, they are astonished to learn that the King of England is to be a passenger.  Furthermore, King Edward VIII will be accompanied by his ‘friend’ Wallace Simpson.
There is also a precious jewel on the boat, kept in a tank protected by a poisonous octopus. The crew are a disparate bunch, some with secrets.  Once the voyage commences, it is discovered that the opal and octopus are both missing, apparently stolen.  The jewel must be found before the Lady Rose reaches its destination.  Soon, everyone on board is under suspicion, including the King! Alice and Sonny have no choice but to investigate the theft. It soon becomes apparent that many on board have secrets.  There is no shortage of suspects as the stakes for Alice and her family get higher and higher.
This is an excellent sequel to the very successful Peril on the Atlantic.  Once again, Alice proves to be indefatigable investigator, with a mind open to all possible solutions.  As the voyage continues, secrets are revealed and the absorbing plot unravels intriguingly.


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