The Ruby in the Smoke


This is the first in Philip Pullman’s popular series of crime mysteries set in Victorian-era London featuring his feisty heroine Sally Lockhart.  Sally sets out to solve the mysterious circumstances of her father’s tragic death at sea, and the secrets of the cursed jewel of the book’s title. Along the way she is plunged into the lower depths of Dickensian London,  encountering a host of vivid characters, both friendly and villainous.  The story is superbly atmospheric and will satisfy readers with a special liking of both mystery thrillers and history.

As a result of some content, including mild threat, ‘The Ruby in the Smoke’ is better suited for older confident Bookwagon readers, aged from 11 years.


The Ruby in the Smoke

Philip Pullman


The first in the very popular Sally Lockhart mysteries series, now available in a special 30th anniversary edition, is an exciting tale amid the crime and grime of Victorian London.  Sally finds herself at the centre of a perilous mystery to get to the bottom of her father’s untimely death, while trying to unlock the secrets of the blood-soaked jewel of the title.  Suitable for older confident readers, aged 11 and above.


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