The Sad Little Fact


‘The Sad Little Fact‘ insists a fact is a fact. Yet the Authorities insist he is lying. When he will not admit to being a liar, ‘The Sad Little Fact’ is buried. It might be considered that this is the end of truth and facts. Yet facts are real. They cannot be denied. Facts work together to find a way out.

Fact finders are not satisfied by the lies presented by the Authorities. They demand more. They dig for facts because they need to find the truth, however deeply it is suppressed.

Will the fact finders find ‘The Sad Little Fact‘? How might the facts face the world? What will they do with the naysayers, the deniers, the fearful?

‘The Sad Little Fact’ is message laden, witty and mature. It begs to be shared and discussed in class and at bedtime.

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The Sad Little Fact

written by Jonah Winter, illustrated by Pete Oswald

(Schwartz & Wade Books)– hardback

Why must the ‘The Sad Little Fact’ be suppressed? Is it because he is ‘just a lie’. He is laughed at, disbelieved, walked past or ignored. Could the fact that ‘The Sad Little Fact‘ insists a fact is a fact lead to his downfall?
What will the Authorities do to our fact? Why is he a threat? Also, is our fact alone? Are there others like him who deal with facts? Finally, is this it?
There has been a lot written and shared about ‘The Sad Little Fact’. Its philosophy and message are direct. Due to Pete Oswald’s bold colours, brave white and black framing, varying perspective, and humanising of our main character, we grasp the message.


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