The Same But Different Too


‘I am me, you are you‘. Let’s explore how we’re ‘The Same But Different Too’. From breakfast choices, to drinking styles, height to happiness, we compare the actions and physicality of a range of characters. Are you happy? Can you climb as high as me? How friendly are you? Am I soft or rough?

Bookwagon loves Karl Newson from his wonderful I Am A Tiger. In ‘The Same But Different Too‘ his reach is wider and so assured. Rather like Caryl Hart’s impeccable One Shoe Two Shoes he offers a rhyming picture book of beautiful, warm comparisons. They’re inviting and curious, e.g., ‘I have fewer teeth than you’ (to the crocodile dentist.)

‘The Same But Different Too’ is a recommended title for very new readers. I suggest it is likely to become a recited, independent read for infants, as well as a much loved bedtime selection.


The Same But Different Too

Karl Newson and Kate Hindley

(Nosy Crow)

What a beautiful book! How are we the same? How are we different? Teeth? Breakfast? Height? Let’s look at the world together in ‘The Same But Different Too’. A perfect rhyming text and inviting pictures unite in a picture book that has ‘forever’ written all through it!


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