The Sand Dog


‘The Sand Dog’ could be a sign of Grandfather’s return. After a fishing incident and a fight, Azi’s Grandfather has left the home they share. It’s been two years and Azi hasn’t given up hope of his return Uncle says Azi should knuckle down to work, and handing out restaurant flyers to the tourists at the wharf.

Along with the stray dog, Azi finds a passport that leads him to a friend, something he’d not expected. The friend is keen to help him on his quest for signs of Grandfather’s return, and Azi’s own origins. She has questions of her own she needs to settle.

‘The Sand Dog’ is a difficult book to pigeon hole. We recognise the Mediterranean setting, and Azi’s aching feelings of loss and uncertainty. Sarah Lean is adept at making the reader reason and empathise. This is a skilled and moving story Bookwagon recommends highly to sensitive, intelligent readers.

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The Sand Dog

Sarah Lean

(Harper Collins)

‘The Sand Dog‘ arrives when Azi is feeling his grandfather’s unexplained absence sorely. He seems to share Azi’s pain and loneliness. The passport that Azi finds on that day leads him and ‘The Sand Dog’ to another discovery and an unexpected and supportive friendship. However, can Azi trust that these changes are signs of Grandfather’s return?



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