The Scarecrow and His Servant


I recall a class of children rolling on the floor hysterically as I read ‘The Scarecrow and His Servant’ aloud, trying to hold myself together as tears of laughter rolled down my face. Never has the label ‘peabrain’ seemed so appropriate or so very funny. This is a masterpiece in children’s writing, linking known characters and settings with perceived wisdoms, bound by a keen sense of moral justice.

Philip Pullman respects his young readers; you have a sense that he is writing because he has a real story to tell, that there is not a commercial motivation. This is why every one of his titles is SO original, challenging, clever and splendid. I recommend ‘The Scarecrow and His Servant’, and urge you to invest in some tissues to wipe up the laughing tears. Never has a journey to Spring Valley been so manic, haphazard, or met with opportunity!


The Scarecrow and His Servant

Philip Pullman

(Random House)

‘The Scarecrow and His Servant’ is laugh-out-loud farce, nonsense and wonder. Struck by a bolt of lightning, the scarecrow’s turnip head and broomstick backbone are no more!  He has come to life. With Jack, his obliging servant at his side, the Scarecrow makes for Spring Valley. Join the mayhem of their adventure in a simp-pea-ly superb story!


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