The Search for the Giant Arctic Jellyfish


Dr Morley has prepared carefully for her expedition. Not only is the boat stocked with all she and the crew need for months living away in the Arctic, but then there’s her scientific research too. For years she’s dreamed about The Search for the Giant Arctic Jellyfish. 

However, although the expedition encounters ‘a curious pod of beluga whales‘ there is ‘not sign of the giant Arctic jellyfish’. Then again, although the ‘watch the playful orca frolic in the snow‘ they have no ‘glimpse of the giant Arctic jellyfish’. Then again, are they really looking? Might we spot their quarry? Furthermore, might we wallow in the icy stillness of the Northern Pole. Might we realise this continent’s wonder?

There are Stephen Biesty- type illustrations of such intricacy alongside a wonderful story and mythical quest that make readers linger, enthralled. Altogether, Chloe Savage’s beautiful picture book, The Search for the Giant Arctic Jellyfish, is a title to share, treasure and gift. It is a glorious book.

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The Search for the Giant Arctic Jellyfish

What Magic Lies Beneath?

Chloe Savage

(Walker Books)

It seems that Dr Morley’s fascination for the Giant Arctic Jellyfish inspires her ‘adventure to the northernmost tip of the world‘. It’s taken ‘years of research and planning‘. After all this hunt will take months and likely prove difficult!
Then again, Dr Morley is sure of her quest. What’s more, there is ‘a majestic pod of narwhals‘ to welcome them, seemingly pointing in the right direction! Or might it mean that the crew should collect scientific samples and take important measurements? Might these help the researchers detect their quarry? Furthermore, what other creatures could they encounter? For example, what of the ‘curious pod of beluga whales’? What might they be hiding?
Then again, what if that quarry is playing with them? Like The Best Bear Tracker it seems that the jellyfish’s toying with Dr Morley. Or is she? Might it be that this enormous expedition is so well equipped and spit-spot organised that they’re not looking properly? Or even in a friendly, awe- inspired way?
Alongside breathtaking pictures and wonderfully descriptive language, Chloe Savage presents a book that is one to treasure, pore over, share and gift. The Search for the Giant Arctic Jellyfish is a spectacular production, one that Bookwagon loves and recommends.


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