The Secret Life of a Tiger


What is ‘The Secret Life of a Tiger’? We know about the sleeping, the jungle sounds and the biting. What else might Tiger do? Could it involve ant hypnotism? Or wigs for primates? In this jungle lush picture book, we explore behind the scenes.

The answers to our questions are unexpected, wild and hilarious. Could you see Tiger dancing with tapirs? Gently resting a cobra? Do you agree with him that he’s ‘really not so bad after all’? Bookwagon suggests you experience this witty, beautiful picture book and discover, ‘The Secret Life of a Tiger’. It is certain to entrance and entertain!

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The Secret Life of a Tiger

Przemystaw Wechterowicz, and Emilia Dziubak

(Words & Pictures)

‘When a ray of light tickles his face, Tiger will lift his right eyelid and then his left….‘ Acclaimed Polish picture book maker Emilia Dziubak introduces readers to ‘The Secret Life of a Tiger’. Do you know what Tiger does? Some napping, catching up with friends, listening to jungle sounds and biting? Anything else? Be prepared to be enthralled!


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