The Secret of the Night Train


Max is delighted when Sister Marguerite comes to her aid, urging her parents that Max is equal to the task of travelling to Istanbul. There she’s to act as companion to her mysterious Great- Aunt Elodie, who’s said to be ‘tricky’, by Max’s mother.

Yet, from the outset, the adventure proves ‘tricky’. There’s a search of the train at its departure in Paris. The Heartbreak Diamond, is rumoured to be hidden aboard. Max’s companions, including Sister Marguerite, behave oddly. Max is on guard, as she determines to unearth The Secret of the Night Train.

Sylvia Bishop has created such a stirring, gripping, slightly Hitchcock-ian detective story. Max is resolute, quick on her feet, and determined to find the truth. The Secret of the Night Train is a story sure to be loved and lingered over by its readers.

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The Secret of the Night Train

Sylvia Bishop


Maximilenne Morel longs for adventurous opportunity. Chance intervenes. It seems ‘Tricky’ Great- Aunt Elodie in Istanbul charges Max with the responsibility of becoming her companion. However, Max faces a complicated train journey across Europe. What’s more, she’s escorted by a curious travelling companion. It seems that danger is in the air.  Therefore, what is The Secret of the Night Train ? Furthermore, could it have anything to do with the theft of the Heartbreak Diamond?
It seems that right from departure, we’re aware of the dangers that Max will face. Not only is there the sighting of newspaper headings about the theft, but then there is the uncertainty of her surroundings. In fact, each step along the way takes her further from her family and closer to something unknown. In whom might Max trust? Then again, who are her companions, really. Sylvia Bishop captures our interest immediately with this speedy, twisty-turning adventure story. What’s more, like Alice Éclair Spy Extraordinaire, we’re aware of our heroine’s interest in her journey and the story that each seems related to somehow. Will Max solve the case and thereafter arrive to meet Great- Aunt Elodie? Thereafter, what is the REAL story here?


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